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Wilk is a family owned and run business with its headquarters in the city of Lublin, Poland.

Since our inception in 1993, we have remained strongly committed to the core of our business, which is the development of innovative closure applications for pouches and bottles, and manufacturing of said closures with a disciplined approach to quality, precision and speed. It is in the heart of our culture to be flexible and responsive to our client's needs, making your cooperation with us pleasant and efficient.

Over the years, we have delivered our products to the Global market by the billions and gained extensive experience in this field. This broad experience coupled with our proactive approach has earned us an international reputation as a respected and reliable specialist in our field. We are proud to have been awarded certificates of recognition as Best Suppliers by our key clients on multiple occasions.


Wilk's mission is to provide its customers with a safe and functional closure solution of a high standard and an attractive design. This is why we invest heavily into product R&D, modern equipment and staff training. Furthermore, during the journey to accomplish our mission, we think about the impacts our actions have on our surroundings and as a result we always strive to achieve and maintain sustainable growth in all aspects of our business, thereby protecting environmental resources on our planet. Wilk also has the pleasure of having its management systems certified by third party organizations, such as Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited.


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wilk group factory spouts caps fitments pouches

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wilk group factory spouts caps fitments pouches